Our Services

Medigroup offers an integrated business solution that is multidisciplinary and tailored to each specific context. Clients can seek our expertise on any range of services or opt for the entire package.

We provide a comprehensive package of services across all the stages of business development:

  1. Plan:

    We help businesses understand what is needed to set up their business. Our support during this phase includes:
    • Designing and conducting feasibility studies, macro and micro economical Country analysis
    • Understanding the market needs and focusing on existing gaps and untapped potential in the relevant field
    • Identifying partners from other countries that can share their expertise and transfer the knowledge necessary for filling these gaps
    • Liaising with potential funders and/or investors
    • Setting up a comprehensive project concept and plan
  2. Start:

    We help businesses put their plans into action. Our support during this phase includes:
    • Managing every aspect of the procurement including comprehensive research, ordering, delivery and setting up of equipment.
    • Providing the most advanced software and hardware through our partners and suppliers.
    • Delivering the project according to the concept plan and design.
    • Setting up communication platforms and networks.
  3. Grow:

    Once the project is operating, we are committed to on-going support. Our support during this phase includes:
    • Training the staff and professional teams and sustaining their learning levels to match the technology they are using
    • Maintaining contact with funders and investors and ensuring the project is economically sustainable
    • Linking the project with similar projects that could exchange knowledge and skills through e-learning and direct consultations